Dr. Liuzhong Ye

Dr. Liuzhong Ye is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. He graduated from the prestigious Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine following a 5 year full-time training in both Chinese and Western Medicine. He then moved on to his Master and Ph.D research and practice in the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a further 6 year, during which he completed his advanced training in digestive and rheumatic diseases. he was also teaching at the university for undergraduate students. In 2003 Dr Ye arrived in the UK and started his profession as a TCM practitioner in the West. He worked as a senior consultant, acupuncturist and herbalist in different clinics across the country. he was one of the initial founder and head doctor of the Shizhen Clinic in Norwich until the end of 2006 when he started to work in a prime clinic in London, the Hongning Clinic, which has gain international fame for it’s success in treating skin disorders since the 1980’s.

Since 2008, he established his own TCM practice in Norwich as well as lecturing in the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) London on Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as the module leader of TCM pathology unit. He also is the supervising professor for the Mater and Ph.D scheme in Shulan College of TCM Manchester, the senior lecturer at Wroclaw Academy of Acupunture Poland and guest lecturer at Swiss Academy of TCM. Over the 23 years of TCM practice, he gradually developed his own style of integrated diagnosis system that involves tongue, pulse and meridian palpating differentiation. He applied these knowledge in hisTCM teaching and practice, and has achieved a great success.

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