Central and Remote Clinics

LACA has its own student clinic on site, address: 16 Tiller Rd, London E14 8PX, that is operated on appointment only basis run by and for students. On the clinic day patients attending the appointment will be greeted, consulted and treated by our graduating students under the supervision of our lecturers.

All the clinical supervisors are all graduated from universities in China with Ph.D. degree and at least have 10 years of TCM practice in the UK. Unlike many other colleges of acupuncture and TCM in the country, all our lecturers also take part in the clinical supervising to ensure a good variety and consistency of our teaching throughout the whole course.

The student clinic is available mainly on weekends and you can access our online booking system here.

If you have any questions, please call us on 0777 537 9482.

London Academy of Chinese Acupuncture (LACA)

Clinic Supervisors

The clinical supervisors will come in two forms. First of all our lecturers will be the key supervisors for student clinics at our central clinic at London college site. Secondly, we will also introduce a clinical mentor system in which we allocate our student to one specific mentor near their appointed city/area from as early as year 1 of their study.

We have a full list of highly experienced TCM practitioners across the country ready to help mentor our students through their study journey. Part of the student’s clinic hours can be spent on their mentor’s own clinic. From these mentoring hours our students are able to see different style of practice and gain unique knowledge, skills and experience from their special mentors.