Brief Information

This course, Diploma of Chinese Acupuncture, is aimed at those who wish to learn the theories and diagnostic skills of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and apply them through the treatment method of acupuncture. On successfully completing the course, students will be able to safely and competently practice acupuncture and its related therapies as a professional treatment.

This course is blend learning with online and in class.

Pre-requisites: Students must already have, or be working towards, a certificate in Bioscience (Anatomy and Physiology) of Level 3 or above. Evidence of certificate completion must be shown before graduation.

London Academy of Chinese Acupuncture (LACA)
moxibustion - London Academy of Chinese Acupuncture (LACA)

Topics covered

  • Basic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Diagnosis of Chinese medicine
  • Acupuncture points and meridians
  • Acupuncture technique
  • Moxibustion and Cupping technique
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Scalp Acupuncture
  • Ear acupuncture
  • Classic text of acupuncture

Course structure

Year 1:
A101 TCM foundation and diagnosis (30 Credits, mostly online)
A102 Acupuncture channels and points (30 Credits, all in class)

Year 2:
A201 Acupuncture techniques (30 Credits, all in class)
A202 Acupuncture treatment (30 Credits, mostly online)

Year 3:
Clinic Practice (60 Credits, all in clinic), last in three years, could be in central clinic and/or in mentor’s clinic validated by the Academy.


Program leader: Dr. Tianjun Wang

Dip. of Chinese Acupuncture

Duration: 3 years (180 hours class learning per year + 300 Clinical hours)
Course Fee: 4000 GBP per year for three years
Award: Dip. of Chinese Acupuncture
Accreditation: CAHMA