2022-08-27 – PRESS RELEASE – A Statement on the Acupuncture Accident Report

The news yesterday, Ellen White suffered punctured lung during acupuncture, has generated public concern even panic about the safety of acupuncture. We’d like to express our concern to public.

As acupuncture professional bodies and education institutions, we are very sorry to hear this accident of the suffering of Ellen, although it was not made by our students or members.

Acupuncture has originated from China over 2000 years and spread worldwide for its effectiveness on a great number of conditions and generic safety. As a therapy of pierce the skin, and sometime deeper in some certain areas, the safe practice of acupuncture is always a key issue of acupuncture education and practice. We are continuing training our students and reminder members with particular emphasis on needling safety.

In addition, the issue has also arisen the need of national statute regulation of acupuncture profession to protect public health and safety. There are some acupuncture training courses only need a couple of months even weeks of part-time learning, how can ensure its safety and effectiveness.

  • Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Alliance UK (CAHMA)
  • Chinese Medicine Alliance   UK (CAM)
  • London Academy of Chinese Acupuncture UK (LACA)
  • Anglia Academy of Chinese Medicine UK (AACM)

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