Meridian PalpationMeridian Palpation and the Treatment Strategy for COVID-19 Associated Conditions

Lecturer: Dr. Liuzhong Ye Ph.D, Senior Lecturer

Starting: April 2021

Key Features:

  • To start with a brief introduction on the featuring characters of meridian palpation treatment: the diagnostic principles and meridian selection principles, followed by analysis on the Covid-19 associated symptoms according to meridian palpation theory. Tongue signs reading and Many real covid-19 cases are to be shared and analysed in the class.
  • To outline the diagnostic and treatment strategies on characteristic covid-19 associated symptoms, including fever, loss of appetite and smell, fatigue, breathlessness and tight chest, headaches and back, leg pain, dizziness, irritated bladder or incontinence, insomnia.
  • In class live case study will be presented on the day
  • There are 2 sessions in total which will be run in 2 continuous Fridays, all lessons may be replayed and reviewed by request.

There are three sessions in total which will be run in three continuing Sundays, 3 hours each session, 2-5pm. If missed any session you could watch the replay one as requested.

  • 1st session: 7:30-9:30 pm, 09th April 2021
    Features of meridian palpation treatment, principles of diagnosis and point selection. Specific Tongue signs reading. Practice with meridian palpation diagnosis and in class case study.
  • 2nd session: 7:30-9:30pm, 16th April 2021
    Interpretation on covid-19 associated conditions based on meridian palpation theory, and the complex diagnostic and treatment strategy for common symptoms of the infection. analysis of real covid-19 cases.

Tution Fee

Price: £90 for all sessions.