TCM HerbsClinical Application of Patent Herbs Based on 8 Principle Differentiation

Lecturer: Dr. Liuzhong Ye

Starting: June 2021

Key features:

  • To start with a review on a more structured and complex diagnostic system of 8 principle differentiation: blending 6 Channel and 4 stage in the unity. This is a great opportunity for acupuncture or herbal graduates to warm up their relevant knowledge but with a much deeper clinical interpretations by the highly experienced clinical mentor.
  • A brand new course to introduce the patent herb products available in Europe/UK, that enables acupuncturist without proper training on herbs to understand better the clinical application of herbs and equips them with the possibility to provides some alternative herbaladvice to clients.
  • This is a clinician-oriented course, the lessons are taught through various clinical case studies. Many personal diagnostic tips from the lecturer will be shared in the course. Everyone will be going home feeling greatly inspired.
  • Certificate from LACA, enables participants to work with patent herb after the training.

There are 4 sessions in total which will be run in 4 continuous Sundays, All lessons may be replayed and reviewed by request.

  • S0 (introduction): 2-3pm (Free webinar) Sunday 6th June 2021. 8 principle, 6 channels and 4 stages.
  • S1: 2-5pm, 13th June 2021. Exterior conditions and their differentiation-6 Channel (mainly with 3 Yang channels) and 4 stage differentiation and their patent herb applications
  • S2: 2-5pm, 20th June 2021.Interior conditions and their differentiation- Zang-Fu organ differentiation and their patent herb application.
  • S3: 2-5pm, 27th June 2021. compounded applications of patent herbs in complex clinic cases – rules and principles and flexibility in practice.

Tution Fee

Price: £95 per session or £270 for all sessions. SIGN UP TO THIS COURSE.

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