Tongue Diagnosis

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As a fundamental skill of TCM diagnosis, tongue reading provides essential information on patient’s constitutional basis. However, with the modernisation of TCM practice, there is a higher demand for an improvement on the quality of tongue reading in order to provide us a more precise, more efficient, more symptom specific differential diagnosis.

This advance tongue reading course is to offer you a new experience on tongue reading diagnosis with:

  • a more structured and practical routine (3 step reading)
  • more in depth analysis of tongue signs ( on how to differentiate on exterior Taiyang, Shaoyang, Yangming disorders, and the interior 6 Yin organs analysis within TCM context)
  • organ specific differentiation and the relevant treatment plan in cooperation with meridian palpation.

Lecturer: Dr. Liuzhong Ye
Date /Time: Sunday 7th August 2022, 10:00 – 18:00
Venue: Central London (to be confirmed)


Course Fee: £180 (Early birds before 7th Junly £160)  SIGN UP TO THIS COURSE.

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